SENATOR Hospital Logo SENATOR Hospital© is an intelligent software designed for hospitals and other healthcare-institutions. This software is integrating all the different information of those institutions within one single efficient informationsystem.

SENATOR Hospital© is the answer for all the different problems that evolve within a net of different programs and workflows , that ususally don't fit together. This software is capable to integrate nearly every kind of system, function, service, workflow, data, communication and so on, nearly every process whatsoever is happening within a hospital. SENATOR Hospital© even supports nonmedical services or functions, like security, checks and so on.

On top of this, SENATOR Hospital© is a modular system that is very easy to develop, so that we can fit your specialities rapidly.

  • WEB based application
  • Based on RDBMS for easy retrieval and better performance Portable across a variety of platforms
  • Easy GUI interface
  • User friendly administration
  • Audit logging of transactions
  • Standard function keys
  • Comprehensive user security
  • Multilingual Interface